LodgX Product Suite

Lodging Logistics exists to deliver best-in-class online hotel procurement tools.  We focus exclusively on hotels, applying our core strengths and extensive experience where it matters most to reduce your travel spend. Our suite of procurement tools listed below automates each step of the hotel sourcing process, delivering the highest return-on-investment for the lowest investment of time and resources.

Convert raw data into targeted strategy.

Lodging Logistics’ data experts provide a whole new approach to data analysis, by creating intelligent algorithms and unique processes for revealing the gems of information in a complex list of expenses.

Strategic sourcing alternative for corporate hotel programs.

Put the exclusive ProLodgic system to work to automate RFPs and streamline negotiations – fast, easy, simple!

ProLodgic is the tool that started it all. Feature-rich and easier than ever to use!

If you haven’t seen it in a while, you don’t know what you are missing.

  • Integrated, Online Hotel RFP Automation Applications
  • Streamlined Solicitation List Management
  • Automated Notification and Reminder Processing

The ALL NEW preferred online directory.

Give your travelers fast and easy access to your preferred hotel list.

Improved navigation and flexible searches make choices quick and easy. And the easier it is for them, the more likely they will use the program.

Compliance increases and your program earns higher savings.

Ensure accurate GDS rate loading.

You worked hard to get those low rates. Now make sure they are loaded correctly into the GDS’s.

We’ll streamline the rate loading, check the availability, and work with the hotels to fix the errors.

You get a detailed report showing all the results.

Robust, flexible online reporting tool.

You need visibility of all the action at each stage of the project. Get exactly the report you need, exactly when you need it.