Better Distribution:

Massive global database of hotels constantly updated & expanded.

  • Global database of over 120,000 hotels
  • Google Maps technology
  • 14 years building strong relationships with hotels and chains
  • Constant data validation and quality assurance
  • Intuitive Hotel Search tool

Better Distribution

Massive global database

Lodging Logistics has been providing request-for-proposal services for 14 years. We have nurtured strong working relationships with hotels and hotel chains throughout the globe. We have developed a huge global database of hotels – over 120,000 at last count – which we are constantly adding to and refining to provide the most comprehensive source of hotel properties available anywhere.

Proactive Procurement in a Collaborative Environment

Your Hotel Program success depends on satisfying the needs and desires of your Program stakeholders. This is what Lodging Logistics focused on as we pioneered ProLodgic–the first integrated hotel procurement solution specially designed for collaboration between all program stakeholders.

ProLodgic provides a complete view of your RFP process that is shared with all program stakeholders in real time. Now every bid can be tracked each step of the way. ProLodgic dramatically improves the flow of information and significantly reduces the time necessary to complete your annual bid process.

Because the Bid pipeline is always up to date, your supply chain stakeholders, including hotels, chain national account managers, travel agencies, and other members of your hotel procurement team, possess a clear, consistent and reliable understanding of the status of each bid.

Hotel search

Our team is constantly updating and expanding our hotel database. Received files are submitted to both automated data validation processes and manual data quality assurance review, in an unending effort to stay ahead of a constantly changing hotel environment, We also build into ProLodgic intuitive, easy-to-use features to add any additional hotels discovered for your program. The Hotel Search tool incorporates Google Maps technology to give the simplest and most accurate access to every hotel, and the ability to add this hotel to your list with a click of the mouse.