Hotel Chains

Lodging Logistics connects Hotel Chains directly with their individual hotel properties, regional account managers, Corporate Travel Managers, account managers, and travel agencies with the ProLodgic Collaboration Environment. ProLodgic provides the tools to work collaboratively with all stakeholders of a hotel program. ProLodgic is the ONLY system on the market today that lets you connect directly with ALL stakeholders.

ProLodgic puts these tools right at your fingertips in an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface. ProLodgic gives you the information and the tools to directly receive bids from your hotel properties on line facilitate more informed decisions, shift market share, improve hotel compliance, and receive input from corporate travel managers to ensure the room night requirements are honored by the soliciting corporate travel manager.

Current hotel programs are generally created once a year and for most CTMs the effort for an annual program could be a full-time position. Most travel managers try to maximize the result of their hotel program once a year during the RFP process. However, the largest savings opportunity is being left on the table-management of your hotel program throughout the year. In the past, there was no efficient method to create such a program.


ProLodgic connects account managers directly with respective corporate clients facilitating a better understanding of client requirements. During the Bid Process, account managers have free access to the ProLodgic Collaboration Environment to monitor the progress of hotel responses. The ability to review the responses from the hotels ensures that properties offer their best rates and chain compliance is met.

National Account Managers

The tools offered through ProLodgic Collaboration Environment allow the NSO to review the information for their respective hotel properties. Features include:

    • View respective company profile information.
    • Inclusion of chain properties in searchable data-base to increase number of corporate clients.
    • Prepopulated property information.
    • Ability to view bids going to hotels from multiple companies.
    • Access market statistics.
    • Review responses from hotels.
    • Option to respond directly to bids.
    • View real-time bid status.
    • Recommend properties directly to Corporate Travel Managers.
    • Direct notification of respective company's acceptance/rejection/renegotiation for each individual properties.
    •  Centralized GDS rate loading.
Hotel Chain RFP Administration

ProLodgic Collaboration Environment offers hotel chains the ability to manage the internal RFP process like never before. Sophisticated web-based tools allow hotel chains to electronically administer and implement the entire bid process for the chain. ProLodgic features include tools for the following:

RFP Process Management

    • The ProLodgic RFP Management System completely automates the annual RFP process and facilitates the support of multiple accounts electronically. Our RFP Process Management tools are accessible via the Internet and offer the ability to carry out a variety of tasks, including:
    • Establishment of Bid Process Workplan.
    • Development of Company Profile.
    • Generation of Solicitation List.
    • Creation of electronic RFPs (compatible with current GBTA format).
    • Automated notification of RFPs and follow-up reminders to hotels.
    • Review of bid responses from hotels (Bid Review).
    • Corporate Travel Manager for respective accounts will be able to review bids on line and accept, reject or renegotiate.
    • GDS rate loading.

Implementation of Hotel Program

The RFP process is a great start, but not a dime has yet been saved on lodging expenses. Effective implementation of hotel programs for corporate accounts will increase traveler compliance. The ProLodgic Collaboration Environment provides the following features:
  • Automated accepted notification plus GDS Rate Loading.
  • Data file feed in GBTA format that supports Online Booking Tools.
  • Searchable online Preferred Rate Directory available.


  • Year-round, real-time management
  • Flexibility to meet multiple client deadlines
  • Improved compliance
  • Centralized database in real time
  • Allows Corporate Travel Managers to find all chain's properties by market, region or other specified parameters
  • Open platform
  • Collaboration
  • Ease of management
  • Corporate Travel Manager for respective accounts will be able to review bids on line and accept, reject or renegotiate
  • GDS rate loading and trouble shooting


What makes Lodging Logistics different from its competitors?

The most important distinction between Lodging Logistics and our competitors is our focus. Lodging Logistics recognizes that the RFP process is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to achieving results from your hotel program. The biggest opportunity lies in the ability to manage your hotel program throughout the year and work collaboratively with all of your stakeholders in order to maximize your return on investment. Travel Managers told us that although it was helpful to streamline and automate the RFP process, the high cost of these outsourced solutions just didn't deliver the return on investment their company demanded. Lodging Logistics listened and created ProLodgic, the ONLY solution that allows a company to measure the return on investment by providing the tools to manage, implement and measure the entire hotel program.

What about hotels that do not have Internet access?

Within the last couple of years, most hotels have caught up with the rest of the world and now have Internet access. However, there are still hotels out there that do not have the capability to respond to RFPs via the Internet. These hotels can request manual forms to be faxed through our automated fax back system. The Lodging Logistics team ensures that this data is accurately entered into the ProLodgic database so that all of your data is in one central location.

What about a hotel directory? Can ProLodgic provide the data for us?

Yes. Lodging Logistics has an online hotel directory that is automatically updated in our rfp tool. When you accept a hotel into your program, the rate, hotel and negotiated amenities are automatically updated in the directory available to your travelers.

What do you mean by "collaboration"?

Our collaboration philosophy allows you to Increase the return on investment by working directly with all of the hotel program stakeholders-Corporate Travel Managers, travel arrangers, hotels, regional account managers, travel management companies and, most importantly, your traveler.

Work with your Regional Managers ProLodgic lets you work collaboratively within your company and across your subsidiaries to develop a hotel program that addresses everyone's needs while adhering to the goals and objectives of your hotel program. All participating Travel Managers within your company can access the same data and work collaboratively in the decision making process.

With Hotels

The key to an effective hotel program is to work collaboratively with the hotels in your program to achieve your common objectives. ProLodgic connects you with the hotels in your program during the Bid Process and throughout the year to maximize your results. Check out Hotel to learn more.

With Corporate Travel Managers

As a liaison between you and their hotels, your account manager can be very influential in the success of your hotel program. ProLodgic connects you directly with your Corporate Travel Managers and provides tools for them to provide information in a uniform format to reduce the burden on individual properties and allows you to tailor the information so that you can better understand the company needs and measure them against your own so that you receive the maximize number of room nights. Check out Corporate Travel Manager to learn more.

With Travel Management Companies

Travel management companies play an integral role in the success of an hotel program. ProLodgic integrates your clients travel management account manager and agents with your hotel program. Agents will be able to have live access to your hotel program, report rate-loading problems and make suggestions based on traveler feedback. Check out Travel Management Company to learn more.

With Business Travelers

Without the input of travelers who using the hotel program on a daily basis, your hotel program is sure to fall far short of your goals. Travelers have live access to your preferred hotel directory. Travelers can also provide feedback regarding hotel experiences and suggest improvements to program. Online surveys are easily created to get input about the hotel program. Check out TravelerLink to learn more.

Will the negotiated rate received by one of Lodging Logistics' clients be shared with other clients or hotel chains?

No. Information regarding quoted rates for individual clients will not be shared with other Lodging Logistics' clients or with any other outside entities. Conversely, information received from Corporate Travel Managers subscriptions will not be shared with any outside entity without the direct approval of the authorizing agent for that company's profile. Check out our Privacy Policy to learn more.

How can I ensure all of my hotels are listed in the Lodging Logistics database?

To ensure inclusion of all of your properties in the Lodging Logistics database contact us at

Do I have to download software to use the Lodging Logistics tools?

NO! The ProLodgic software allows you to access our tools without having to download and update the software. 

Subscription Information

For subscription information, contact Lodging Logistics at or call (281) 545-3000