• Over 50 standard reports
  • 24/7, real-time access
  • Easily demonstrate program performance
  • Available reports can replace client manual processes
  • Reports can be modified to meet specific needs


Every Lodging Logistics customer has access to a powerful set of reporting options via the LodgX Report tool. There are over 50 standard reports currently, and we are constantly adding more as new needs are presented. Most of these can be tailored to fit specific reporting requirements. And they are all available 24/7, in real time, and at no additional cost. 


Types of Reports Available

  • Analysis - Data Analysis Reports
  • Bid - Hotels that have submitted an RFP response (Bid)
  • Contact - National Account Manager Contact Information
  • Facility - Company Offices & Business Locations
  • Market - Market
  • Preferred - Reports of preferred hotels (accepted hotels)
  • RFP - Hotels Solicitation reports
  • Template - Data Templates
  • Vendor - Reports & Files for 3rd Party Applications (Online Booking Tools, Travel Agencies, etc.)