What The Industry Says About Lodging Logistics

What Our Clients Say About Us

“You are the BEST!  Thank you for all you've done to make this one of the smoothest RFP seasons I've experienced.  Since the RFP's went out so late, I thought we would be really challenged to get everything done by the first of the year.  I truly enjoy working with you and appreciate the outstanding service you provide”.—P.H.

“ProLodgic makes my life so much easier.”B.K.

“Fantastic, very user friendly.” — R. Z.

“Good tool – simple to use.”— B. J

“Fabulous!”— M. C.

“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, ProLodgic and Mardi Stroisch are a few of my favorite things...”. — K.B.

“MANY thanks. You guys are the best. I am so happy we have you for the next several years!”—A.T.

“David has been wonderful.  I hear great feedback on David from my NAM as well:) I am so glad that we are able to work with your company”.—K.G.

“I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful & accommodating partner. You are AMAZING to work with and I thank you for all your efforts on behalf of (our company)”—C.A.

“Thank you, wish I had more suppliers as good as you”!!—M.S.

"Sometimes he has even worked up a solution to their problem while they are talking about it on the phone, 'I just sent you what you needed' … while they are still on the phone talking." – G.A.

"There are A LOT of companies doing this Hotel RFP process in ways that do not even compare to this. This tool is going to save me a lot of time this year. I am very excited to get started!" – T.B.

"... really like the color coding of the Bid Score review. ...makes things so much easier and quicker to check out the results of a bid." – C.H.

"...very excited to hear of the new enhancements with the new directory." – G.M.

" ... THRILLED when we heard about some of the enhancements in the new directory. ... you will be able to search by address, and the other enhancements ..." – B.M.

". . . a real stress reliever over the manual system that they were using before.  They both really like the reporting features and use our reports all the time." –  R. A.

"[We] do like the reporting aspect of the tool and that [we] can get a report at any time, [ourselves], instead of having to request reports from LL and then wait for LL to deliver the report to them." – G.M.


What Hoteliers Say About Us

“Lodging Logistics is by far the best group to work with”. -- S.T., Marriott

“Lodging Logistics is one of the vendors I really enjoy working with”.—B.K.

"You're the Best to work with!!!!"—R.T., Hilton

“Thank you so much - I have to admit as my first time going through RFP's this year ProLodgic's customer service has been absolutely amazing and so helpful.  Everyone is so pleasant to work with and so kind”.--J.W., Carino Collection

“Lodging Logistics is VERY popular among the Global Accounts at Marriott!  We really love working with you! I tell all my clients that if I were a travel manager, it’s no question...forget the other guys; I would go with Lodging Logistics all the way. The RFP process has been so smooth with Lodging Logistics, and I can't say that about the other tools. You guys are awesome”.—K.C., Marriott

“I truly believe your company offers a great product, and as I have said before … your customer service is second to none out there in your category”.—M.R., Carlson Hotels