Why We're Better

Rest Assured

You can Rest Assured when you entrust your annual hotel RFP program to the experts at Lodging Logistics, a client-oriented service company that has a proprietary hotel RFP tool.  Yes, that is a mouthful to say, but it really represents the core values that have shaped and guided Lodging Logistics since creating the ProLodgic hotel RFP tool in 1998.  Rest Assured is more than our tag line, it is our promise to our clients that they have a team of trained specialists in the hotel RFP process working with them, supporting them, and helping them in alleviating much of the stress that can permeate the annual hotel program.  At Lodging Logistics we know that it is all about the people and the personal service that is required to give our clients the very best experience possible.  We have taken the high tech of an online hotel RFP tool and online directory and custom packaged it in to a very user-friendly process, with all of the support that you might need. Thanks to this approach and our great attention to detail, many of our clients have come to us as referrals from other clients, friends, and co-workers in the travel business.  We don’t rest on our laurels of many successful years with clients large and small; Lodging Logistics is constantly working to enhance our current products, our services, and our product offerings to meet the needs of the ever changing landscape in the world of corporate travel.  Lodging Logistics is continually working to provide a better, more complete solution for our clients so that their annual hotel RFP program runs smoother, easier, and more efficiently … so that they can Rest Assured.

We Make it Easy

We interview our clients on a regular basis, to find out first-hand how things are going in their hotel program and what we can do to make it better. What we hear from them, time and time again, is that Lodging Logistics makes things easier. Whether it is the easy-to-use, intuitive ProLodgic procurement suite, the powerful and flexible reporting capabilities, or the dedicated support offered by our service staff, our customers understand that they can Rest Assured that we have their needs covered.

Check out our Success Stories page to see some specific quotes. You’ll get the message.


Lodging Logistics revolutionized hotel sourcing in 1998 with the introduction of ProLodgic. Today, our services and products remain the leading edge in technology. We are constantly reinvesting in better and more efficient technology and processes, leverage and advancing analytics, creating powerful reporting tools. Fifteen years and counting.  Lodging Logistics customers Rest Assured because they know they have access to the best technology in the industry. Go look at the Product pages and the rest of this website. Check out the specific advantages and you’ll see how we can help you.


Lodging Logistics is a service oriented company, featuring a great technology product that allows our clients to Rest Assured. Our company culture is driven by the desire to serve. Our service desk staff are each experts in their field, and take pride and ownership in delivering the best possible service to every client.

We pride ourselves on our response time. We strive to close every support request within two hours. Of course, some issues are more complicated and take a little more time. Our staff will maintain close communication with our clients, providing feedback and status updates when they are available. These rare occurrences remain visible to all levels of our company, and take the very highest priority in all our work. When a Lodging Logistics customer needs help, they Rest Assured they will be heard and get a response immediately.

Many companies say they offer great service. We understand that this is sometimes something you just need to experience. So here, we offer the next best thing. Look at some of the experiences our clients have told us about. If you want to have the same satisfaction, give us a call.

Better Results at Lower Cost

There are many ways to develop and maintain a profitable hotel program. Some companies do it all themselves, using in-house staff, tools, and resources to build a program that meets their needs. Others take the other extreme, outsourcing the entire project to a consultant, on faith that the result will be what they hoped for. Still others choose a self-service approach, subscribing to an automated RFP tool, but then trying to navigate a complicated program with little support.

At Lodging Logistics, our goal is to offer an alternative to all these approaches – providing better results at lower cost.  By combining powerful technology, intelligent analytics, and automated processes, we can deliver more a more effective program at very competitive prices. 

Lodging Logistics is solution-centric. In other words, we never offer a product “off the shelf”. We first will meet with you and fully understand your needs and expectations. Then we will propose a solution that we feel will deliver the strongest results at the lowest cost. We don’t just want to close the sale. We want to create a long-lasting partnership that is profitable for both parties. Rest Assured that at Lodging Logistics you aren’t just a customer – you’re a life-long friend.

Continual Improvement

Our development team is constantly at work making ProLodgic and our other tools better all the time. We maintain an “idea bank” where we collect ideas for possible enhancements to tools and processes. We find these ideas in many ways. A major one is by listening to our customers, learning from their experience the changes that will be most relevant in our rapidly evolving industry. Another is by our own research. We look within the travel industry and in many other fields, extracting the best practices in technology and service. We also rely on our expertise in hotels. Hotels is all we do. We don’t get distracted by other services or products. Our core strength is hotels. Our leaders have many decades of experience in the hotel industry, so you can Rest Assured we understand the needs and challenges in building a hotel program.

We currently have nearly 100 ideas in our idea bank, and we regularly review each of them to find the ones that will have the most positive impact on our industry. Then we focus our team on developing those as rapidly as possible. In this way, we can stay focused on the important tasks, but remain nimble to respond quickly to changing needs.