Better Data

Cleaner, more comprehensive, highly accurate

  • Client historical data is collected and aggregated into highly actionable view of current hotel program environment
  • Data specialists guide and support collection of client historical spend data
  • All major 3rd party formats supported
  • 360-degree view of hotel travel footprint from multiple data streams
  • Intelligent data-matching algorithms generate highest possible accuracy
  • Proven data aggregation processes
    & hotel industry expertise

LodgX Analytics

• Rapid and effective negotiation process
• Complete program transparency
• Outstanding RFP response rates (94% and better)

LodgX Sourcing Services

• Streamline bid process; compress your timeline by as much as 70%
• Reduce bid process labor hours by up to 80%
• Web-based tool available around the clock, around the world

LodgX Directory

• Improved navigation
• Streamlined use
• Enhanced search features

LodgX Audits

• Streamline Hotel Rate Loading
• Detailed Rate Accuracy & Availability Audit
• GDS Issue Resolution Management

LodgX Reports

• Over 50 standard reports
• 24/7, real-time access
• Easily demonstrate program performance

Rest Assured

Our passion and our focus are on just one thing. Hotels! We live and breathe hotels.

From the beginning, our core purpose has been to advance the logistics of hotel sourcing to produce better results at a lower cost.

Rest Assured: Our Technology

That means that we’re constantly reinvesting in better and more efficient technology and processes. Leveraging and advancing analytics. Creating powerful reporting tools and sophisticated reports. Fourteen years and counting.

Rest Assured: Our Service

But what really drives our company and our people is the desire to serve. Founded by hotel industry veterans, we not only understand what service means, we’re committed to delighting our clients by delivering an unparalleled level of service.

Simply stated, Rest Assured means that we’re constantly looking out for you.